Fuglen Tokyo – Tomi’s coffee trip in Tokyo

Fuglen is the one of the most popular cafe in the mainstream of speciality coffee in Tokyo, Japan. This cafe is the neighborhood of Yoyogi park. I recommend you to visit here after taking a walk in the park on a sunny day.

The cafe was opened by a barista who was trained in Fuglen Oslo, Norway. There is a roaster near the cafe, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee there.
Today’s drip coffee was Ethiopia, which has slight and well balanced sourness first. But this is not so strong, so you can also enjoy the bitterness in the aftertaste.
In the cafe, the interiors such as sofas, chairs and tables are all Scandinavian vintage which is simple but comfortable. I recommend you to stay there with a book on the sofa and also you can listen to nice music.
I learned from this cafe, that there are a lot of nice cafes in Oslo, Norway. Then I decided to visit there, and I will introduce you great cafes in Oslo, which I found and visited during that trip.
— Below Japanese —
Fuglen Tokyo

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