MEET MIA – Tomi’s coffee trip in Zagreb, Croatia

I have visited Zagreb, Croatia last month. That town is a small but maybe one of the cutest and most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Also there are not so many cafes and single origin coffee shops, I found one favorite cafe during the trip.

I recommend you to take a seat inside of the cafe, although it is so good to sit outside on the terrace in the sunny day. Especially for an interior lover, you would fall in love as soon as you entered the cafe. You can find “HAY” ‘s vases and baskets in the shops, and cushions and chairs were also my favorite.
Furthermore, you should try the cake beautifully displayed in the show case. Cakes I tried were “Pistachio cheesecake” and “carrot cake”. Both of them were not too big and sweet as you experience in European countries. You can forget the tiredness of the travel.
My impressions of Zagreb, in terms of cafe and coffee culture, is that the coffee is oriented towards espresso made drinks. There was no dripped coffee on the menu in any coffee shops. The only one you can find is Americano. So please enjoy a shot of espresso and cappuccino which is lightly foamed with a beautiful and tasty cake!
—Below Japanese—
Pritvici National Park/プリトヴィツェ国立公園

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