KOFFEE MAMEYA – Tomi’s Coffee Trip in Tokyo

Hello! This is Tomi, I am the one who loves cafes and coffee in Tokyo, Japan. I will introduce you to my favorite cafes in Tokyo, and other places which I have visited. I always look for the cafes where you can relaxed with a great cup of coffee. Hope I can share my favorites with you and make you enjoy your time in Tokyo. Ok, are you ready for the cup of coffee? Then, let’s have a look at my first favorite cafe!



This is the coffee shop that I love the most at the moment in Tokyo. Concept, taste, presentation, atmosphere, and hospitality are perfect. At the beginning, baristas are all warmly welcoming us and consult on your preferences and recommend you favorite beans matching your taste. There is no tables or chairs. This place is just for tasting and enjoying a cup of coffee. Beans are coming from several roasters around the world, which reflects their beliefs that only roasters can pull out the maximum taste of beans, and only baristas know how to brew coffee with that beans.

You can pick up your favorite beans from their original chart as you can see from the photo, and select either hand drip or espresso. Enjoy your favorite taste of coffee, and spend a great time.



——Below Japanese—–




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